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Branding Your Next Incentive Trip

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Branding at an event is considered necessary for any incentive trip. Many companies spend anywhere between 5%-10% of their budget on branding, depending on the scope of the event.

Here are some way to cut that budget by using technology and social media.  Some of the old school branding will never change and is important at Gala dinners and in meeting rooms.  But there are a few new branding techniques that are very low budget but can have a big impact on your next incentive trip.

Set the tone early and invest in a custom branded website to share details and monitor RSVPs.  Also, a branded website allows attendees to have one place to find trip details, FAQ’s and live trip updates.  Remember not to delete last year’s website but keep it live on the web and available for people to find.  The more branded content you have regarding trips you host, the better for marketing/recruiting purposes.  

Leverage social media.  Expect all participants to have their phones with them at all times, especially for capturing photos.  Take advantage of this and create an event hashtag for attendees to share their experiences.  If you don't create it- it will be created for you by the attendees. Take charge and send out an event hashtag before the event and share the fun.  

       Quick tips on choosing a hashtags:

  1. Keep it unique so only your group is using it.  Go to www.tagboard.com to see if anyone else is using that hashtag.
  2. Keep it short and simple: Try not to go over 8 characters.
  3. Have fun with it. Share daily photos or reward prizes for best use of the hashtag.

For technology companies, branded swag is an important part of their company culture.  With that said event swag orders can be a nightmare on trips if it involves apparel due to sizing ranges.  We recommend finding items your attendees will use after the event.  A few examples are branded Yeti tumblers, branded kroakies, and even branded Apple watches.  Your company brand will continue to be shared every time an attendee uses their Yeti or kroakies or wears their Apple Watch.

In conclusion, event branding is taking off in the technology space and allowing event managers to be more creative and personal. Stop spending your entire budget on old school branding techniques, and start spending a portion of that on the people.  They can be your best asset when trying to market your company!

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Lauren Celli

Written by Lauren Celli