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Event and trip planning can often be a long, tedious and complicated process that causes a great deal of stress. With so many variables, from managing flights and hotels to keeping track of RSVPs, staying on top of responsibilities can be a challenge. Planning for a large group only makes this even more complicated. Fortunately, there has never been more thorough event management systems than there are available today. Here is a quick breakdown of a few of the most popular options!

Cvent Event Management Software

Cvent offers a modern approach to event management with their integrated platform that manages events from the beginning of the life cycle through to the completion of the event.  Cvent clients are able to make branded websites which integrate smoothly across social media platforms. Customers will respond with their pertinent information to a web form, which will then be fed into the software platform. Cvent offers a convenient feature that allows payments to be made through the software, ensuring the timeliness of payment. The service also offers 24/7 live support and access to user guides.


Etouches is a cloud-based platform for event planning and management. Like Cvent and Executive Group Travel, etouches offers simple design for a web domain that does not require a prior knowledge of html. Users register via a web RSVP, and once attendees are added to the system they can be reached easily via mass or individual email. A neat additional feature: etouch software has an easy to use polling system, giving event managers to poll attendees on event preferences or other group wide activity choices. The software is most functionally similar to Cvent’s product and both offer a quality product, albeit ones aimed at the mass market rather than one off trips or events. The financial investment is considerable and may not be the most practical for smaller companies.

Executive Groups Travel

Working with Executive Group Travel provides a quality all-in-one experience that is sure to leave guests satisfied with their trips, and their company satisfied with the ease of planning. The platform combines the benefits of a small team dedicated to the event, in addition to a top of the line software suite. Executive Group Travel doesn’t require monotonous and time consuming software registration, nor does it require a tedious survey at its conclusion. Instead, Executive Group Travel builds a unique site for your trip, complete with a robust database of attendees likes, dislikes and special requests. Guests will be RSVPing directly to us, cutting out the middle man who would be forced to relay this information otherwise. The customized website is able to be built upon year after year, ensuring that guests will have plenty of information to peruse from the very first time they qualify for a trip.  Our targeted emails will provide easy to understand links and be presentable in the form of a RSVP landing page that presents clear and easily understandable information about the “who, where and whats” of the trip. Following the trip attendees will be debriefed with a follow-up survey, allowing for feedback to be easily quantified and presented in a clear, thoughtful and meaningful way. Executive Group Travels does all of this, while still being a low cost solution.


Using a service is great idea for companies trying to hold a quality event, while maximizing guest satisfaction and minimizing planning headaches. Proper preparation for the event is a prerequisite for a good attendee experience and these services offer a thorough and complete experience, from RSVPs all the way through the completion of the trip.



Patrick Longo

Written by Patrick Longo