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Group Travel Event Prep: How to Plan for the Unexpected

Crucial to any group trip, planning for the unexpected can make or break the experience. Because there are so many variables with group travel, even the best laid plans can go astray. Most incentive trips organize and plan for the best case scenario while exceptional trips plan for the worst case scenario, allowing trip coordinators to seamlessly adapt the plan so participants hopefully aren't even aware of a deviation from the scheduled itinerary! 

Here are three main factors to consider while planning your event:

  • Dietary restrictions & allergies
  • Mosquito/sun prep
  • Back-up space

The Value of Group Activities

Group activities on an incentive trip can serve many purposes. They are great for setting a team-building tone on the trip, even if that's not the primary goal of the activity. For example, a catamaran cruise for 30 people could provide a social atmosphere for team members to interact in a way they don't usually get to. Activities can also be a great way for incentive travelers to network on their trip. A competitive game of volleyball serves as a great way to relax while fostering a little healthy competition. Seeing co-workers in a different light outside the office is sure to promote inclusive conversation that will eventually lead to improved communication inside the office. 

Photo by Vidar Nordli-Mathisen

Videography for Your Corporate Event

One of the main benefits of incentive travel is that it builds attendees' affinity for their company, and you want to ensure those positive memories are lasting. While a photographer/videographer should be a relatively small line item (between $2,000 - $5,000 per event), there are three big things to consider when deciding to invest in this special add-on:

Great Gifts for the Modern Traveler

Quality mobile technology is useful for personal and professional use, and we thought we would show off some of our favorite gadgets of 2016. The products we selected had to be useful, practical and portable to be considered. The modern business traveler should be well-equipped to be able to work and play hard and smart, and deserve tech that does the same. Here are our 5 favorite gadgets of 2016

Event Planning Options

Event and trip planning can often be a long, tedious and complicated process that causes a great deal of stress. With so many variables, from managing flights and hotels to keeping track of RSVPs, staying on top of responsibilities can be a challenge. Planning for a large group only makes this even more complicated. Fortunately, there has never been more thorough event management systems than there are available today. Here is a quick breakdown of a few of the most popular options!

New England Company Retreat Options

New England Resorts :

For companies that are looking to hold corporate events, events in off season months at New England resorts are a tremendous opportunity for a top flight corporate event at a bargain rate. Events booked in either the fall or spring benefit from the drop in occupancy in the form of reduced block room rates, the full attention of a recreation department to plan activities and still pleasantly warm temperatures of the late spring or early fall season. For those looking for a little more than a company picnic at Thompson Island, here are four impressive options within two hours of the Boston area.