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Incentive Travel Destinations for Companies with both US and European Offices

[fa icon="clock-o"] Jul 22, 2015 9:30:00 AM [fa icon="user"] Marci McCormack

Best Destination?

For companies with offices on the East Coast in the US and throughout Europe, Ireland has become a great destination for incentive travel.  Direct flights are affordable from East Coast cities as well as most European destinations.  There are many unique boutique and even castle hotels such as Ashford Castle that can make your trip special and different from the normal large hotel chain. 

Here are a few great activities for your incentive trip in Ireland:

  • Golf Tournament
  • GUINNESS® Connoisseur Experience
  • Jameson Distillery
  • Cliffs of Moher & Killarney National Park Day Trip

Another destination that is growing in popularity for Incentive Travel for companies with multiple offices worldwide is Iceland.  The key to an amazing trip to Iceland is visiting during the right time of year.  We only recommend Iceland travel between mid May and mid September.  Iceland is a quick direct flight from major East Coast airports and a few major cities in Europe are now also flying direct at an affordable price. 

Ireland & Iceland Incentive Travel:

Both Ireland and Iceland are a unique trip away from the normal big city or Caribbean beach trip.  It's an opportunity for your employees to enjoy the amazing scenery these places have to offer with a slower pace and more relaxing trip.  The castles, cliffs, waterfalls, glaziers and geothermal pools are great for day trips while each location has fun activities such a dogsledding, golfing, and brewery tours for the other days.  There are amazing spaces to rent for private events at reasonable prices in each of these locations which also is increasing the draw for many companies. 


Is it right for you?:

These two trips are unique and different than the normal Rome, Paris, Bahamas, Vegas incentive trips but it allows your employees a few days of a slow pace relaxing vacation.  If your employees are a big golf group I would focus on Ireland, if golf is not popular then Iceland might be the best for your company.  The key to a successful trip in both locations is offering the right daily tours and activities and each night having an organized event in a unique space.  Given the destinations are more affordable than a Rome or Paris trip you will have additional budget to make your events even more impressive.  Having a welcome dinner overlooking Dublin in the St. James Gate Brewery (Guinness Factory) is something your employees will remember!