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What is the right award to present to your Presidents Club?

[fa icon="clock-o"] Aug 20, 2015 10:00:00 AM [fa icon="user"] Marci McCormack [fa icon="folder-open'] Incentive Travel


Everyone loves to be recognized for their achievements so presenting the right awards at President’s Club is important when measuring the success of your incentive trip. Years ago award giving was pretty vanilla and each attendee would go home with an engraved crystal award, wooden plaque or trophy. Recently award recognition has changed and the recent shift is due to shifts in workplace environments. The days of large offices with doors are over and the concept of open workspace of no walls is gaining popularity. With this shift we have also seen the competition rise among sales reps within a company. There is something about hearing the person sitting next to you close deal after deal. The fact is people no longer have walls in their offices to fill up but instead are more mobile than ever. They are also more competitive than ever and bragging rights are sought after.




So what does this mean for awards for your Presidents Club inductees. Companies need to embrace the recent change in the industry and move away from individual annual trophies to large trophies engraved with the top rep each year that is passed down annually. You will find reps will be more likely to display their Top Dog trophy for the year versus an individual trophy that 20% of the team was awarded. If you would like to recognize each attendee for their induction into Presidents Club present them with a plaque for their first induction then each year qualify provide them with a label to add to their plaque.


These are just a few ideas that not only encourages reps to be proud of being Top Sales Rep and creates healthy competition but also is an overall budget savings for the company.


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