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Why Free Wi-Fi is a Must on Incentive Trips

[fa icon="clock-o"] Jul 1, 2015 12:00:00 PM [fa icon="user"] Marci McCormack [fa icon="folder-open'] Incentive Travel

Importance of Wi-FI:

One of the biggest risk of an incentive trip is taking your top sales reps out of the office for 3-5 days and the lost revenue during this period.  Not only does the number of deals closed during this time decrease significantly but also there is no increase to the sales pipeline while your sales reps are enjoying their reward. 

Most people assume the reason Wi-Fi is most important is so the sales reps can stay in touch with their clients and prospects while on this reward trip.  Yes this is important, but free Wi-Fi also enables your attending reps to stay in touch with each other while on property without additional costs.  Within the industry it is best practices to negotiate free Wi-Fi for any incentive group.  

Here are a few tips to help alleviate any stress regarding communications while on your incentive trip. 


How to Communicate Effectively while Overseas:

1. Put together a policy for cell phone and data usage while overseas and communicate this in writing to your attendees.  Some companies choose not to cover international charges while others want their reps to be able to be available at all times.  Provide your reps with the additional costs they should expect through roaming charges and outline their options for turning on an international plan. 

2. Setup coverage ahead of time back in the office to cover reps who will be attending the trip.  Communicate this coverage through your sales reps out of office notifications.  It is difficult to communicate with clients while swimming with the dolphins, snorkeling a reef, or competing in a golf tournament.   

3. At least one week before the trip, email your attending reps to remind them you will be sending updates and reminders each morning while on the trip.  The best way for them to know what's going on is to use the hotel Wi-Fi to check any trip updates.  


There are many technology options to help companies communicate effectively throughout the planning of trip and on-site at their destination.  It is imperative to keep your attendees informed on their itinerary, where they are expected to be and any updates while on the trip.  The more the attendees feel informed and the better the communication, the greater likelihood of success for your trip. 

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